We don’t live in America and we’re not gay and we don’t work, but we’re still calling in gay today…

'Hello, sir? Yes, I shan't be in today. My arse hurts. Good bye.'

Obviously there were at least two and a bit untruths in there, for we are in fact bumming as we speak and there’s someone with a funny accent just to the left of us, but we’re not currently at work for we too are protesting on today, ‘Day Without A Gay’ day. (This isn’t work, btw. This is fun.)

For those with their heads in sand/inside vodka bottles/up arses, etc., ‘Day Without A Gay’ is the day upon which all gays in the US of Americas are called upon to pull a sickie claiming ‘gayness’, in protest at the anti-gay initiatives in California, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, etc. You know your stuff. We don’t need to go there. We would, however, like to go there

*has a funny turn*

It’s all very clever. The ‘xact same gays are also called upon not to spend any of their hard-earned dollar today – the same dollar they pay tax on like the rest of the population, the same population who have more rights than they do – just so, you know, the cunts of the world see how they do without the gent-schtuppin’ gents of the world. And the lady-schtuppin’ ladies! Apparently lesbians are real people, too.

If you can’t pull a gay sickie because, like us, you have 3,000 words to churn out by 9am tomorrow morning and haven’t quite managed to even open up a word document yet let alone started cooking up an excuse as to why it won’t be done by then, you can go here instead and offer services of a different kind. S’very nice of you…

ps. They may be very clever, but they still get the day/month thing the wrong way round. In English, 10/12/2008.

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2 comments to “We don’t live in America and we’re not gay and we don’t work, but we’re still calling in gay today…”

  1. I got bummed. I deserve a week off.

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  2. Oh my, well done dear AND with the 6-pack wearing off

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