Diptyque and poppers… Kate Moss is a true gay icon.

Sniff sniff...

Carrying two of our favourits smells for entirely different reasons, this is Kate Moss trotting back to her St John’s Wood gaff, having ticked off numbers 1 and 2 on our Christmas list after a day’s shopping in Big London.

Naturally, we’re j’adoring the Daily Mail’s reportage of the whole smelly affair, particularly the gaping ommission re. poppers that we’re so flabbergasted over, we’re almost faint. Or maybe that’s just the poppers. And-we-quote:

‘Kate Moss popped out for a spot of shopping last night – and returned home with two bottles of what could have been amyl nitrite.

‘The substance, also known as ‘poppers’, is not illegal but is popular among clubbers who sniff its vapours to achieve a head rush. It is also often combined with other drugs.’

*eyes dart around room*

Dear Daily Mail,

Gays use poppers for better bumming,




ps. We like how Kate’s wearing her house keys on her ear.



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3 comments to “Diptyque and poppers… Kate Moss is a true gay icon.”

  1. Oh Kate, you might have extraordinarily long nipples and bad taste in men, but I couldn’t heart you any more than I do right now

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  2. I also heart Katherine off-of Moss. She’s just a delight, and can do no wrong. Who’d’ve thought carrying bottles of dirty poppers would actually be a PR triumph. In the eyes of the gays, anywho, who are the only people who matter.

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  3. Sadly I suspect they’re Rowntree’s Fruit Pastiles.

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