Ooh, hasn’t EastEnders been good lately?

Ooh, groom away...

For those in Americaland or anywhere else in the world that doesn’t know what EastEnders is it is a British soap set in London’s glittering East End. It is comprised of knees-up-muvva-brahn cockneys, some angry, some miserable, some angry and miserable all at once. Cockneys who do all their shopping ‘up west’, get taxis everywhere – usually care of the ever-so-handy Charlie Slater, who doesn’t appear to drive his black cab anywhere else but round and round Albert Square – and should they choose to move away, cockneys who will always go to Manchester, or if they’re really flash, Spain. ‘Tis all true.

But although sometimes it disappears up its own Pat’s mouth of an arsehole, EastEnders has recently been really rather good. The whole Tony off-of Professional Groomer story has been really floating our boating, and by that we probably mean that it’s actually Tony who has been floating our boating. We’re not sure what all the fuss is about to be honest. Whitney should count herself lucky since we quite fancy the jug-eared kiddy fiddler. Yes, there’s something of the urchin about him, but he could groom us any day of the week, month or year. We’d willingly be groomed and/or bummed by his kind self.

So anyway, really the whole point of this story is an excuse to look at more pictures of Tony, or Tone or To or T or Chris Coghill, as he is known in real-non-paedo-life. Enjoy…

Sex pest - yes please

And these images also come up when you look for pictures of Chris Coghill on Googlay…

Oh hello there

And Pob… *tee-hee*

*blows raspberry*

*Doesn’t even consider white-weeing. Scrolls back up the page. Considers white-weeing*

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4 comments to “Ooh, hasn’t EastEnders been good lately?”

  1. I too have a soft/hard spot for this Tony character.

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  2. By adding the Professional Groomer to my Jack, Max and Bradley Branning four-men-in-a-bed-with-me fantasy, I barely have time to concentrate on Sean Slater and Big Gay Christtan.

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  3. I’ve never seen it before, but how hotty mchot is he in the black and white pic? Yes purlease.

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  4. Oh no cher fan, it has to be the one where he’s wearing that pink and yellow top. Hot thang!

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