Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t possibly get any tackier, Versace moves in…

The height of luxury/decadence/naff

It’s got hotels that look like yachts, underwater bedrooms, a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree… and now it’s got a Versace hotel complete with a refrigerated beach. Oh, and draconian anti-gay laws!

Yes, Dubai, that grubby bit of desert that has been turned into a grubby version of Las Vegas only without the fun, will soon be host to a very Vegas-style hotel from the people that brought you silken shirts covered in bright coloured swirly bits.

The Palazzo Versace is going to tackle the problem of 50-degree temperatures by laying refridgerated pipes under the beach so you can walk across without the benefit of a flip-flop and is even talking about installing blowers to recreate the illusion of a sea-breeze.

Here’s a crazy idea, just off the top of our heads: why not build your hotel somewhere less inhospitable (and we’re not just talking about the temperatures!)? You know, somewhere the climate is actually appropriate for human beings?

It’ll all be ready late next year. And what’s that you say? Greenhouse gasses? Oh, knickers to that.

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