Sarah B + Abba = Minnie Mouse!

Ooh, innit cold though?

We have a lot of time for the lovely Sarah Lady Brightman, ex-wife of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber of The Technicolor Dreamcoat. She’s funny and rude to interview and she’s obviously worked her magic on Benny and Bjorn off-of Abba because they have done for her what they’ve previously only done for Madonna. Let her sing one of their songs.

But whereas with Madge it was that bit off-of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ (not the Kathy Burke comedy show but the song), with Sarah they’ve given her heretofore unreleased lyrics AND a tune.

The tune is ‘Arrival’, which was an instrumental on Abba Arrival, the album, the lyrics totally unheard. It’s on her Christmas album A Winter Symphony (out now andcetera). And it’s nice. And a bit funny. Especially when her voice goes really high and she sounds like Karen off-of Will & Grace.

Hear it after the jump…

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