Frank Lloyd Wright – the movie


You know Frank Lloyd Wright, right? Off-of buildings and the Falling Water House in Pennsylvania. It’s all very Prairie architecture. So far, so why a moving picture? Welleth, turns out he had rather a colourful life, on top of being a right famous architect. Nancy Horan even wrote a book about it, called Loving Frank, centred around his relationship with Mamah Borthwick Cheney, a Chicago socialite. Mamah? Cheeeenius. It’s from this book that the film will be adapted, by John Burnham Schwartz, who wrote Reservation Road.

What’s with all the three named-names when clearly two will do?

D’ya wanna see the Falling Water House? Do you? Do you? You might learn something…

And for being good students, there’s a bloke in Speedos in there too. It’s all water-related…


Look, even the foliage is the same!


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