If you use a Braun shaver, you too will look like this.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzz (the sound of an electric razer! Honestly...)

This story is in no way related to free gifts sent of a free nature on a wave of freeness in this season of goodwill and free things. It is, however, a story with a couple of twists and turns, so keep your wits about you.

Firstingly, Braun shavers are pretty darn good. S’true. We have not one but two, despite mostly sporting the stubble look for the last five years… but they have their uses elsewhere *pats hair in style of Mae West*. Besides, we have male (and female) but mostly male (plus some female) pals who like to keep their facial hair in check, so it all comes in very handy. They’re also the perfect gift-ette for Christmas. See! We also think they look kinda spesh.

In other news, the male gentleman in the advert – a grab from which you can see up there (oooh, grab) – is called Tim Lubbering. We think there’s supposed to be an umlaut above the ‘u’, but much like the aigue ‘e’ before it, we can’t work out how to do it on our dolly keyboards. We can do the aigue ‘e’ now, though. Look! é

So that’s Tim, he’s bummable extreme (with a hat on the ‘e’) – also, new name for a male perfume, much? The gays would go crazy for that – and we did real life research and found a picture of him with his top off. Hotness, much?

Nice pants

ps. There’s £10,000 up for grabs from those nice Braun people. See!

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If you use a Braun shaver, you too will look like this., 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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