Penn’s balls.

Are those balls you're carrying, or are you just happy to see us?

We like this look on a man. Balls.

We also like Penn Badgley. Also on a man. Of all the Gossip Girl guys we interviewed a wee while back, Penn was our favourite. They were all nice, s’true… Chace was a walking Maybelline ad and sneezed a lot, Ed was naughty and very English, but Penn was the one for us. We asked him to get his balls out then, but inexplicably he said he couldn’t. Maybe later.

Anyways, this is Penn Badgley in a new spread for GQ, as shot by Terry Richardson. It’s a hot look. It’s a few hot looks. It’s also supposed to be the Classic American look, even though it’s a whole load of Lacoste. Balls are Penn’s, though. Literally.

We also like Penn in leather. Who knew…

Every man should have one. Read into that what you will.
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