Seann William Scott in a jock-strap. Oooh.

What? I always play like this.

Seann ‘double n’ William Scott off-of cornered a niche in the puerile film market, is here seen in (and out. Ay yi yi) of a jock-strap in another puerile film, the extent of which we’ll ever see is here on this page.

Having starred in such films as *fill blank. No really, fill blank. We have no idea. We imagine they’re the sort of films 14-year-olds go – and flick themselves off – to, using the ole hand-in-popcorn-bucket trick*, Seann’s next film is Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story. Gary Houseman, we assume, has/did have something to do with balls. Tennis balls, even.

But what’s nice about this is that Seann (two n’s) William (two l’s) Scott (two t’s) has stripped down to his dolly jock, presumably for extra support. Which is where this story starts, middles and ends…

Balls a-flyin' Porn 'tache. Back bottom.


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