Canteen – our favourite Brit-grub restaurant that we thought wasn’t a chain but now looks spookily like a chain – has opened up a new ‘un.

Innit nice, though.

When the first one opened in Spitalfields ooh, a wee while back, we cheered and cheered and stuffed ourselves with fish ‘n’ chips ‘n’ mushy peas and/or pies of the day until our bellies prolapsed… which then gave us room for tea and biscuits and/or treacle tart with custard. Silver linings.

And then when the next Canteen opened in London’s glittering but oft windy South Bank round the back of the Royal Festival Hall about, ooh, a less-wee while ago, we cheered and cheered but had a furrowed brow moment that involved the sentence, ‘We love Canteen, but let’s hope it doesn’t turn into chain, for that will surely take the shine off.’ But seeing as we’ve been at least monthly (followed by a nice play at the National, say) since it opened, that shine is still very shiny.

And now that Canteen have opened up a branch on Baker Street? Apart from the fact that we never go to Baker Street – not even when we’re trotting along Marylebone High Street and go on a little detour because we’re pissed – this news could’ve made us forlorn, in the manner we hinted at in the previous paragraph but taken up a notch, but we’ve chosen to celebrate, because people deserve nice things. And besides, anything that champions cheeeeenius British nosh is fine ‘n’ dandy avec us.

*sings national anthem*

Ooooh, booze trolley.

*booze. Yum*

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