The whole Christmas chart is now X Factor-related. How seasonal!


OK, so we knew dolly old Alexandra Burke would get to number one with her piles-enducing version of Leonard ‘Lenny’ Cohen’s ‘Halleluja’ (calm down, dear – in general), but we weren’t quite prepared for what sort of effect a Saturday night telly show would have on the charts now that downloads count.

Number two is ‘Halleluja’ – oh! – by Jeff Buckley (which goes on a bit if we’re honest), while Lenny’s own versh is at number 36. Then there’s Leona, the winner from two years ago at number three, while Beyonce, who completely stole the show last week has beyonced right back into the ten with ‘If I Were A Boy’ while ‘Listen’, the song she did as a duet with Alexandra is back in the charts at number 8!

Beyonce also has ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)’ at number 20, making a total of 3 Bouncy songs in the Christmas chart. Which can’t be bad, come on!

PS Does anyone remember Leon? Scottish lad. Won last year. Because everyone in Scotland will vote for anyone Scottish even when they’re shite. 

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3 comments to “The whole Christmas chart is now X Factor-related. How seasonal!”

  1. Now that the inevitable has happened, please can we have a total ban on discussions about the ‘Make Simon Cowell’s Bank manager laugh with uncontrollable glee’ Factor. It’s like football – the off season lasts about 20 minutes and then it’s back all over telly-land. Ewww.

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  2. Not everyone Scottish, thanks. He was shit. His singing made me boke.

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  3. Love ‘boke’!

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