Well it’s darnedly better that those darned Bendies, darn it.

Er, feet off the seats, please.

This bus, ladies and gentlemen and dollies, could soon be coming to a London street near you. Yes *dramatic pause* you. Though if you don’t live in London’s glittering London, it could be trickssssssy (‘tricky’, in gay). You could always come visit, though. The pound’s now worth, like, a threepenny bit so you’ll get a lot for your buck.

We digress (a little). This big shiny red thing is Lord Foster off-of architecture and not dissimilar in looks to Steven Berkoff’s design for a new Routemaster for London. It’s a joint affair with Aston Martin, and for their trouble they win a £25,000 prize.

It was Boris ‘I’m a twat and incompetent, but that doesn’t matter because I have comedy hair’ Johnson who came up with this idea of a competition to design a new Routemaster. When we say it was Boris’s idea, we’re just, you know, sayin’. Every decision he’s made so far has been utterly self-serving so we’re guessing there’s a catch. Oh, here’s the catch…!

‘We asked entrants with technical skills to submit detailed designs for a double-decker bus that may influence a 21st century Routemaster.

‘The winner may see their design being taken forward to major bus manufacturers.’

Two ‘mays’ and an ‘influence’. In other words, disingenous bollocks.

But, you know, silver linings/swings and roundabouts/the wheels on the bus go round and round… it is, as we suggested, better than those Bendy buses they gave us, also known as ‘Trisha on Wheels’ (Americaland translation: ‘Jerry Springer on Wheels’).

Here’s another design that won joint first place with Lord Fozzie. And it looks like a dinky toy. And after that there’s another, which is our maybe just maybe our favourite of the lot. And you can see ’em all, if you fancy, here.

*nods, sagely*

We won't be taking this bus, thank you. We don't like Clapham. Piccadilly Circus? Very handy for the gays.
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3 comments to “Well it’s darnedly better that those darned Bendies, darn it.”

  1. I thought they got rid of them because the open back contravened European safety laws. So, riddle me this, how are they going to get away with an open back? Boris is a cunt and a twat and a big fat greedy Tory idiot. Just needed to get that off my chest.

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  2. Why, prey tell, is Boris happy to shell out £25,000 to the winner of a drawing competition, whether it gets built or no. In what other business do you get paid for what is essentially a pitch?
    I, too, would like to re-iterate what Bernard said. Boris Johnson is an utter cunt and is a disaster for this city.

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  3. Good things come in threes. Not the buses, mind, the condemnation of Boris “I’m not fit to govern London as I harbour racist and homophobic tendencies, but try and keep them hidden” Alexander DePfeiffel Johnson.

    (Sorry, but having DePfeiffel in his name. Surely that disbars him from office?)

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