Gratuitous ‘best of… *insert body part*’ list #153261612


*Re-reads the title, has a giggle*

Today it is ‘Best chests 2008’. Yes, who wore their chest best in this merriment of years? Let’s have a look slash fiddle. Over the jump with you…
Simon Webbe aka big old show off

Put it away love. Actually... Don’t know his real name, don’t care about his real name, he is and always will be Sean Slater off-of nicest chest in Walford…

Slaterz taterz... Second best chest in Walford, Mr. John Partridge in the olden days…

A partridge in a pear tree, sorry, our bed

Mr. Scarlett Johansson. How demeaning

Fond of the lumpen Our boyfriend Daniel Craig…

*Sigh. Just sigh* Our boyfriend Huge Jackman

Our man o' the year, Huge Hugh We’d have enjoyed PE more if Danny Cipriani had been in our class

Heave! Mark Foster – he swims or something

Water sports fan ;) Old skool rules with Steve Guttenberg

We soooooo still would Predictable, but no less delightful, it’s David to the V to the B

Who knew? And our unlikeliest addition to the list Andi Peters (still wouldn’t do it though)…

Still looks awkward, but A* for effort Austin Healey plays rugby and dances… gay much?

Dancing queen? Or something...
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3 comments to “Gratuitous ‘best of… *insert body part*’ list #153261612”

  1. Oh woof to Huge and Craigy… and can I really see down the pathway of Tyson? Hmmmm… talk about unwrapping something at Christmas.

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  2. Austin Healey — I really *really* would …

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  3. Whilst Steve Guttenberg was hot back in the day, he looks like this now: which doesn’t have the same effect on me.

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