Oh, we almost forgot. Cunt.


As you know, we’re huge fans of Ulrika-cunt-cunt-cunt Jonsson. And apparantly her co-stars in this year’s *cough* Celebrity Big Brother are equally enamoured, having nominated her to get the ole heave-ho from the house for having ‘too big an ego’. And too big a something else, n’est café…! *pats hair, Mae West style-y*

Johnny and Frankly, until she gets down on bended craggy knee and begs forgiveness for being a homophobic raddled old cunt, she will always have an enemy in the gays. For ever and ever, a(lots of)men. And there are rather a lot of gays, we hear.

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  1. She is vile, this one. But I’m coming round to Michelle Heaton who looks a bit like Prince William’s girlfriend at the moment without the whorey look she usually works.

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