Question: Do we wish to bum the new Dr. Who?

He can take you through time but can he take you up the Gary?

Suggested answer: yes we do (though the jaw is a little on the prominent side).

His name is Matt Smith, his age is around the 26 mark, his credentials very West End (his last performance was with Lindsay Duncan in That Face at the Duke of York’s).

And now that it’s been announced that he will be taking over Time Lord duties from David Tennant as of next year (yes, that’s 2010 time travel lovers) we thought you might like to see him without his top on, as Santa, nature and hopefully gay Dr. Who writer Russell T. Davis intended. Over the jump with you… 
That's more like  it


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2 comments to “Question: Do we wish to bum the new Dr. Who?”

  1. Er, me me me, I’m sorry, no. He is professionally quirky, but not bummable.
    *thinks about it*
    Oh okay, maybe.

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  2. No. He’s no David Tennant — whom I’d sex teh-knob off.

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