Whilst it’s -172 degrees outside, let’s decide what we’ll be wearing in the spring…

All of it, please.

Ooh, spring. Ooh.

Lambs, daffodils, il pleut, Easter eggs, the resurrection, warm-ish but not that warm-ish, Ben Hur, champagne, champagne, champagne… that’s spring in a nutty shell. Only we’ve been fretting since last spring, in fact, over what we’ll be wearing come this spring in which to revel in said spring-y delights. It’s a Spring Dilemma, you might say. Bit like Donna Summer’s ‘Spring Affair’, only not quite so.

*draws back curtains, with a dainty curtsey*

Ta-da! It’s Unconditional’s Spring ’09 collection, and in one email-plus-attachment from the PR department, our Spring Dilemma has been resolved. Now, regulars will know we’re particularly partial in an alliterative manner to Unconditional. In fact, there’s barely a day goes by when one or more outfits in this orifice does not consist of at least one item of Unconditional-ness, so smitten our we. So it was almost a conclusion, forgone, that we’d be receptive. But there’s receptive, then there’s we want every single item therein.

The look, for those seeking such information, is ‘modern urban hippy’, inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘Bed In’ peace protest in 1969. That’s all pounds, shillings and pence to us… all we know is that we’ve never coveted knee-length flouncy shorts with such gusto. See for thine selves…

Give peace a chance. Roomy trou'. De-gorgeous. Smart for town. Two neutrals and a splash.


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Whilst it's -172 degrees outside, let's decide what we'll be wearing in the spring..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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4 comments to “Whilst it’s -172 degrees outside, let’s decide what we’ll be wearing in the spring…”

  1. Fucking love all of it.

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  2. That white jacket/grey (beige? Mauve? Silver? I’m not very good with colours…) fuzzy-felt shorts combo is delish. I shall make that my spring look.

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  3. Last year’s summer (collection) already looked pretty great and this seems promising as well. They always have these very looooow necks (on guys) which are so sexy, but sadly not on regular people…. For me the Summer Shirt from AA is as far as I can go/show unless I instantly stop eating chocolate and work out more, which is frankly very unlikely.
    Now I have to imagine your office filled with good looking stylish people walking by with latte in one hand and iphone in other *envies*

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  4. thems some fuckin HUGE tumble dryers in that open-air launderette! [see photo]

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