Oh Tintin, you big gay…!

Oooh, girl.

Tintin, who’s a dolly if ever we happened across one, has been outed. From withinside the closet. Inside of which is totally this winter’s look (Mac? Check. Shirt under roundneck jumper? Check. Cropped trousers with brogues and a statement sock? Checkity check. Blusher on cheeks? Optional).

So telling us something we already knew, Matthew Parris – a gay columnist type person who we don’t particularly like nor care for his opinion much – has declared Tintin a gay. A big ole gay at that.

The evidence, according to he, is rather compelling. The evidence, according to us, was blindingly obvious from the get-go… you know, twink shacks up with bear (Captain Haddock) and off they go on merry adventures, always a whiff of poppers mystery about the place. Ooooh, etc.

Personally/according to us/in our opinion/demain, etc., we found Tintin rather wet and in spite of the homoerotic-ness of it all, we much preferred a Bagpuss or a Banana Man or a Rentaghost or a Hong Kong Phooey or a Paddington Bear or a just or. You know, someone with a bit of spunk.

If you can be bothered, go here to read more about Madame Parris’s theories… Or just look at this picture of a man in Speedos instead…

Honey, red is SO your colour...
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3 comments to “Oh Tintin, you big gay…!”

  1. ‘Ad ‘im. Both of ’em, in fact. By which I mean all three.

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  2. I wonder if TinTin gets his famous quiff a la There’s Something About Mary. I know I / we do.

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  3. Nice bonnet. Odd belly button.

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