Two fat ladies

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We still can’t quite get our beautifully coiffed heads around what the esteemed Institute of Contemporary Arts were thinking of when they allowed Jonny Woo, Ma Baker and their merry bunch of reprobates take over the whole bar area with their Gay Bingo. But we’re glad they did!

This Saturday (8pm start, doors at 7.30, out-of-control cocktail madness throughout) as well as getting your heavily made-up eyes down for a full house, you can also get shot of that Ronan Keating CD/Dan Brown book/unwearable M&S undies you got for Christmas as between calling, the ladies of Gay Bingo are offering a Swap Shop service. The idea is you give up your rubbish and you get someone else’s in return. Genius!

See us down there on a front table (probably with a green visor and our own markers – we take our bingo very seriously around these parts) at the ICA, the Mall (just down from Buckin’ham Palace).


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  1. Count me in. Get it? Count?
    Do they count in bingo? Oh, it’s all numbers…

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