Kate Moss in quite-nice-Versace-frock shock!

Smart for town.


Versace is as Versace does, as they say, and Versace does wizened old pleather in hooker lingerie like no other. Which is why it came as rather a *CPR. Clear!* shock to see our Kate inside of Versace clobber that didn’t immediately bring to mind either prostitution or gynaecology.

It’s something to behold, people *reflective pause* and we’d just like to take this opportunity to say Donatella? J’adore. And we’re in Milan next week on fashion business, so put the door on the latch, will you love…

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2 comments to “Kate Moss in quite-nice-Versace-frock shock!”

  1. You can’t go wrong with dirty blonde highlights and a deep deep tan. It may be a look I shall consider this summer. Very 1999.

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  2. Oh my science! She’s totally gained, like, 10 ounces …

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