Oi, Gary, we can see up your pyaaaaaaaan-ties…!

Don't look, kids.

Gary Lineker used to kick a ball for a living. Now he talks about other people who kick balls for a living, for a living. We also hold our hands up in a ‘you got us, guvnor!’ kind of way and profess to a little fanny tingle (British and American interpretation) apropos of the Gary Lineker off-of balls. He’s one of those gennelmen who has grown into his ears, and has a frisson of the silver fox about him. And behold in this picture, we can almost see his balls. It’s balls, balls, balls round here. Balls. Balls balls. Balls.


News flash: We’ve just done a straw-cum-balls poll in the orifice, and 9 out of 10 reckon he shaves. It’s a foregone, mostly ’cause he’s sans hair everywhere else except on the head, and therefore we think it’d be a sorry, Russ Abbot 80’s hair effect going on down there, therefore making it wise.

And here’s a picture of topless Gary without a lady’s pone obscuring the face…

*thinks thinks thinks* Life's a beach! *hangs head in shame*
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3 comments to “Oi, Gary, we can see up your pyaaaaaaaan-ties…!”

  1. Hmm, noice. Even though you suspect he’d be a bit conservative in the old boudoire.

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  2. Have you seen his brother and nephew? They were on some Ibiza reality show on Living (yes I’ll watch anything) and they were both RIDICULOUSLY fit.

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  3. Oh yes, I have seen the brother. And he’s jail bait, which just adds a WHOLE other dimension. Maybe I should have capitalised the OTHER in that sentence.

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