What on earth has happened to Judith?

Oucha MagowchaOh Judith of Legal, forget the cuts ‘n’ bruises ‘n’ bloody business. What the hell is that atop your lip? It appears to be a ginger spread of fur and it appears to be making us more and more flaccid as the sun crosses the sky.

While we can accept a receding hairline, the *chants* ‘womaniser-womaniser’-ing, the ginger ‘tache-age is just not doing it for us. OK, so it’s a fact that many a man may be dark of head and ginge of face, but please, ever heard of professional daddy-dye Just For Men: Beards and Moustaches? Works wonders on the carrot top, although god knows what it does to carrot bottoms. Only time will tell…

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2 comments to “What on earth has happened to Judith?”

  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of the red stuff, I say. Makes ’em firey.

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  2. let’s ahve a ginge pride parade . alternately, a moustachio parade for all them ppl with moustachios . people dont ahve enough moustachios anymore . every day i wake up and wish i ahd a moustachio . but alas . i’d be burnt at the stake :)

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