Nice globes!

Long tall Sally

Now, obviously we love Kate Winslet. She can’t act for toffees, can’t nail an accent and was totally ridick in Titanic (‘Captain, it seems to me there are not enough lifeboats on this ship’) but she is always lovely to the paparazzi when coming through an airport, can work the GMTV sofa better than Lorraine herself and does brilliant red carpet.

And we are happy for her to receive awards – two Golden Globes! –¬†even though our money was on Christine Scott Thomas (yes, we know) for I’ve Loved You So Long… Mind you, we did love Katie W going ‘Sorry Meryl, sorry Kristin… sorry the other one. Who was the other one? Oh, sorry Angelina’ in her acceptance speech (though the rest of it came over a bit phoney, it must be said).

But we were joyously overjoyed to see Sally Hawkins rocking a Kate Beckinsale look as she went up to collect a Golden Globe for her cheeenius turn in Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky. And we loved Emma Thompson for offering to come up on stage with her.

The big winner was obviously Slumdog Millionaire, starring the boy from Skins, which we found to be quite fun but certainly not worthy of the madness that’s ensuing. Is it us?

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2 comments to “Nice globes!”

  1. I would have enjoyed this but I couldn’t see round Drew Barrymore’s hair.

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  2. I glad that Kate W. won. She was fabulous.

    I didn’t like Slumdog Millionaire, but people are going gaga over it. Why? I don’t see it.

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