Leona to launch ‘ethical’ perfume. Good girl.

I'm a good girl, I am.

Does it irritate you when the first line of a piece is just the headline, but written in a slightly different manner?

X Factor winner, Leona Lewis, has announced plans to launch her own ethical scent. Jolly good.

We love Leona for this. The ethical thing. In fact, we love Leona for lots of reasons, but not the fact that she’s releasing an autobiography under the ill-advised, grab-as-much-money-while-I-can,-Supermarket-Sweep-trolley-dash-style-y advice of Simon Cowell.

‘I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to work on such an exciting project,’ says Leona.

‘I’m passionate about what I do and it is important for me to give the best I can to my fans all of the time. I love my new fragrance.’

And we love love.

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One comment to “Leona to launch ‘ethical’ perfume. Good girl.”

  1. ok. so she sings alright i guess, but why oh why does no one ever mention that nose? it’s a right honker!

    that is all.

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