‘Darling, I’ve just had an accident’

And stretch...We hear that is what pilot Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III – now that’s just being greedy – said to his wife on the phone after successfully landing that Airbus into New York’s Hudson river yester yore.

Funny that, because we uttered those very words to our loved one when we happened to catch this picture of Andy Roddick of tennis fame, rippling and general masculinising during his warm up for the Australian Open.

So while one story gets your right there *punches heart*, the other gets your right there *caresses penage*. We’ll let you work out which one’s which, you dutty dutty bastards.

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2 comments to “‘Darling, I’ve just had an accident’”

  1. I too enjoy an Andrew Roderick, but I haven’t had an accidental white wee over him yet.

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  2. most pleasing. thank god he’s covered up that riah!

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