NLC Kylie to present/whisper/grin her way through BRIT awards

As if the BRITs weren't boring enough...Oh. Dear. God. We hear on a vine that is sure to tear the building down should it not be seen to by that fit gardener, that Kylie off-of thimble sized is going to present the BRIT awards with James Corden and Matthew Horne of Gavin’n’Stace fame.

James Corden? J’adore. Matthew Horne? J’adore plural. Kylie Nosurname? J’deteste. Or something. Work? Keep? Getting? How exactly?

Nominees will be revealed *yawns* next week, but we already know – because we are spesh – that the Pet Shop Boys will be getting the Outstanding Contribution to Music award, aka Your Best Work is Behind You. Probably Best to Retire Now and Live Out Your Remaining Years Quietly Somewhere Out of the Limelight award. *claps* Well done.

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  1. Yay for Pet Shop Boys. Boo for NLCK1

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