Oh, not another one…

No. No. And more no.Dressing up as Marilyn? Honey, you’re just setting yourself up for a fall. Remember La La Land’s Lohan? And every other ‘real’ woman who wants to represent all other ‘real’ women in the most glamourpuss way they know/can’t live up to.

Segue: Since when did the word ‘real’ become substitute for the word ‘fat’?

Back in the room: Our thoughts? Bah, no. Drag queen at best. And having seen Johansson face to face – no, we’re not showing off or proud – we can wholeheartedly report that she was small and dull and no more attractive than any girl on any bus in any universe, so there.

The end.

P.S. – If we gave a hoot or two we would have pointed out that this is for D&G for which she is the new over-rated face of. But we don’t, so we haven’t.

The end again.

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3 comments to “Oh, not another one…”

  1. Hahaha tis true. ‘Real’ is fat’ in today’s lingo.

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  2. Errr … that’s just not cute. She looks like a sedated moo-cow.

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  3. In my opinion I think she rather very pretty but unfortunatly since we got used to seeing many skinny supermodels with many modifacations so we ended up not appreciating a natural beauty with nowadays of too much airbrushing and photoshops in every bloody magazine….

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