We’ve got two words to say to you Carol, Oof!

Loose, but not baggyWe were relieved and delighted when we heard that our favourite Loose lady Carol McGiffin had ended her chaffingly-dry dry spell of seven years without sex. As in 2555 days. As in an awfully long time without action.

We were marginally shocked however to learn that she had gone from being single and sexless, to engaged and, well, sexed. Too soon we think, too soon. But fair play to the lady of Loose. Said chap is 22 years her junior and see him up there? That is he. Carol, you clever clever girl.

But as young and rather spankable as he may be, would you though? Answers after le jump…

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One comment to “We’ve got two words to say to you Carol, Oof!”

  1. Oh well done Carol, we always knew you had it in you to bag yourself a young hot thang. Although you mostly hang out with us gays. Are you sure you’re not growing a beard?

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