Let’s look at some Auntie Viv fashion. We need fashion.

Auntie Viv, you do us proud...

After watching Urethra Franklin let air out of her ballooned persona and Barack give what is essentially a boring speech (could’ve done with a cartwheel for light relief) – oh, and why was Urethra singing God Save The Queen only with lyrics that were at best indecipherable? Hmmmn? – we thought we needed a bit o’ fashion in our lives. Auntie Vivienne Westwood, AW 09/10-styley. With nudity. Natch ‘n’ natch ‘n’ natch again.

Ooh, dandy. Is that a big stick in your hand or are you just pleased to see us? etc. What have we told you about hands in pockets?! Not afraid of colour. Mmmm, toasty. At last, we can re-introduce our dungarees...
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2 comments to “Let’s look at some Auntie Viv fashion. We need fashion.”

  1. Urethra has not been able to sing since 1967.

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  2. Was she wearing a hat with a bow, or was it a bow with a hat when she sang at the Inauguration?

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