Obligatory Obama story

Puff the Magic President

So we’ve got the telly on in the background, with some very sibilant gennelman on Her Majesty’s BBC 24 blithering on and on and on (and on). It’s all very nice. We’re excited. It’s the dawn of a whole new world.

It’s all about change, apparently. Change change change *sung in Fatty Franklin, ‘Chain of Fools’ style-y*. Goodbye retard, Hello! magazine, andcetera. And ooh, now that we have a new Prez, do you think we’ll have scientifically more beautiful skin and manageable hair?

ps. There’s a gennelman – not the sibilant one – on the BBC with a very jazzy scarf. Really makes his eyes pop.

pps. Barack? J’adore.

ppps. Talking of Change…


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3 comments to “Obligatory Obama story”

  1. Love that picture of Prez snouting…

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  2. Okay, so Lisa actually doesn’t want Change in this here video. ‘I wouldn’t change a single thing…’ etc. But I like it a lot all the same and see where you’re going with this. Well done.

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  3. Can we talk about that funny background they’re using on the BBC? The red, white and blue bubbles thing? (Oh, btw.) It’s like one of them free wallpapers you got on mobile phones in the mid-90s….

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