And then there were two…

Double the trouble.

Beckhams, that is. They’re married, or something biblical like that, and this is them posing together in their frilly Emporio Armani knickers on a billboard in London’s glittering Milan. Our cab actually swung past (literally. Those Milanese drivers? Sheeesh) them sticking this billboard up, on our way back from having a stroke in the Tom Ford shop (prices? Sheeesh), and we actually real-life said, ‘Oh, let’s take a picture. That’s one we’ve ne’er seen before,’ but before we had time to say, ‘Driver, we have a Beckham emergency,’ the moment had passed and instead we resolved to nick the picture off the interdolly. Which is what we’ve done. Life. Is so. Hard.

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  1. David’s bottom is very peachy. I don’t believe it.

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