2009… the year of the tea towel

Even Gracie Fields is in on the actionForget prints and tiles and clip-framed Athena posters, this is the year that the humble tea towel steps into the spotlight as the star attraction of your homely home. And we don’t mean for actual use on *gasp* dishes. Darling, that is what dish washers and the hired help are for. We mean for the wall, as in art, as in a good slash bargainlicious option in these credit crunchy  times.

A special tea towel adorns the very wall of the Me-Me-Me mansion *nods head*. And we don’t mean some scenic view of Yarmouth that nana brought back from her ‘day trip for the almost dead’. We mean one that reads ‘I had a really nice dream last night about Daniel Craig’, which is handy, because we did. Ok?

Click through for more artistry, tea towel stylee.

How V&A ... and bum No relation to Paul Ooh, horizontal Thanks to The Guardian for confirming what we knew all along. The tea towel is, in fact, art.

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3 comments to “2009… the year of the tea towel”

  1. I am also a big fan of the Emma Bridgewater Daniel Craig tea towel. I am a bigger fan of La Craig himself.

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  2. This one?

    £7 for a tea towel? What’s it do, pick the damn dishes up and dry them for you? Piss off Emma.

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  3. i love tea towels . anything t do with tea, really . tea tea tea . i just love it, i just love a bit of tea . i do, i really, really do . x

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