Do the East End Mitchell styleeeeeeee *breaths heavily a la fat Phil*

'Geroutamypub'Hooray for the Terence Higgins Trust fund raising auctions. They know what dollies and dollyettes enjoy. Tracy Emin art, meating meeting up with Kevin Spacey, dinner with Fergie (the original, not the Black Eyed honey monster) and doing the East End with Babs Windsor off-of professional cockerney.

Now we j’adore a Babs. A Streisland, a Dickson, an aunty, but the Babs of this piece is Babs of Windsor. Not the place. The surname. It’s the tits, the teeth and all those glottal stops and added syllables that do it for us. And if we would want anyone to take us round London’s glittering East End, it would be London’s glittering Barbra Windsor, who of course plays Peggy ‘geroutamypub’ Mitchell in ‘Stenders. *sigh*

So how do we get our manicured mitts on tickets to the auction (which is being held at Christie’s on 23rd March eff why eye)? We would need to call 020 7812 1686 and part with 135 earth pounds. Tis a lot yes, but s’for charidee so that’s alright.

For more informaticals, looksee here.

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