Hmmm, rings a bell…


Anyone with an ounce of ounce about them will know what this is. Or what it’s trying to be. Or what anyone under the age of ten will think is better.

Why, it’s that Nighthawks picture, that is, by that nice Edward Hopper. Only there’s a funny corrugated effect going on. And the ladies and lady gentlemen have yellow faces. And Lego hair.

*threepenny bit drops*

F-why, ’tis a Lego version of that classic painting by Edward Hopper, Nighthawks. To be more precise, it’s artist Marco Pece’s re-imagining of Nighthawks, using Lego.

To make matters better, Marco has done nine other versions of art classics, including the Mona Lisa, Magritte’s Golconda, Warhol’s Marilyn print, even da Vinci’s Last Supper, Lego-stylee. 

Ooh, here’s an idea. Let’s do a compare ‘n’ contrast, after the break sponsored by Lego…

Mine's a vodka soda with lashings of fresh lime. Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

It's raining men. Golconda, René Magritte

Smug bitch. Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci

Marital bliss. American Gothic, Grant Wood

Put a smile on it, will you love...! Pearl Earring, Jan Vermeer

Religious bollocks. Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci

Virgin? Honey, don't do it! Marriage of the Virgin, Raphael

Mazza Marilyn, Andy Warhol

Shit, been stood up again. Automat, Edward Hopper

Bloke on the left? Oof. Arnolfini, Jan Van Eyck

E r, do a wee research jobbie on Marco Pece

ps. Love a Lego.

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  1. i posed for that arnolfini portrait . the lego one . x

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