Ooh, jockstrap…

Never seen that down Hard On.

E r (that’s the second time we’ve done that today. As in, ‘here you are’, but in a dialect indecipherable to those of standing. It’s alright… we have northern friends), take a look at this…!

It’s a decorated jockstrap, right up in yer face. Hello, etcete-rah. And it’s all part ‘n’ package of a new exhibition going by the name of Strapped: The Art of the Decorated Jockstrap, by Colin Corbett.

Love a jockstrap. And so, t’seems, do Richard and Joody off-of no longer on a channel we’ve heard of. For today, they’ve decided to take on the further reaches of gay fashion and are having Colin and his jocks on their show. The reason we know that, you’ll be relieved to hear, is that someone (of standing) told us.

Sidebar: A jockstrap, ladies and germs, is not only lightweight and utilitarian, but it screams ‘Look at my package’. And Frankly Goes To Hollywood, there’s nothing we’d rather look at.

If you, yourself and ‘im would like to go look, stare, and readjust yourself to pictures of the mens in jockstraps, Strapped: The Art of the Decorated Jockstrap is at the London College of Communication until 30th January. No idea whether we’ve missed Richard and/or Judy or not. We’d ask Karen Matthews, but she’s just been banged up for eight years. Silly sausage.

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