*think think think think think*

Make yourself comfortable, won't you...

We couldn’t be arsed coming up with a punning title, so just thought about it instead.

We’ve also just come from the gymgaysium. Followers of our gymgaysium going will know we’re doing rather well. Some better than others *gives evils to lazy bastards, yonder; punches them to drive the point home*.

We even did a class this morning. Class class class. Class. (Note the sibilance on the last ‘class’.)

Ooh, and followers of the Trials and Tribulations of OCD Guy Down The Gymgaysium will be pleased to hear he did very well this morning too. Only rubbed the same spot on his left foot for seven minutes. Then the same spot on his right foot for seven minutes. Add that up over a year, and you’ve got a whole segment on GMTV.

And owing to the *counts* second paragraph, we have a body like that guy up there. Ish. Ishy ish. We’re also lying on lily-white linen as we type this.

(There’s more of that guy up there, here, incidentally. But why would you want to go and do that?)

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3 comments to “*think think think think think*”

  1. Is it wrong that instead of thinking about the honey up top I am mostly interested in your use of the term ‘sibilance’? Made me come over all palato-alveolar.

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  2. Me too, but I put some cream on it and it went away.

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  3. I, on the other hand, just had a plain old lowbrow wank.

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