Are rugby players allergic to clothing or something?

Balls in the air

Now, you know us, we like a rugby player whatever he’s wearing: whether he’s bulging out of a suit at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards, squeezed into tiny weeny little hotpants on the pitch or even in a jock hanging around the changing room with one foot up on the bench. But our favourite thing for a rugby player to wear is of course nowt, nothing, nada, rien de rien. We like ’em nekkid. And can you blame us.

Following something of a trend with our rugby community who have so far got it off in their droves for the Dieux du Stade books/calendars/videos/coasters, not to mention any number of region versions thereof, sports drink InnerGear have now persuaded top rugger bugs to peel ’em off – no doubt with money on a table somewhere – to promote their beverage. And we salute them for their efforts.

Jump Lady Miss Jump to see two more in all their glory…

Bend over baby Jump, bitch!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL !!! I’m overwhelmed …

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  2. want to see more

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