Boys in pants and bonnets. It’s a look.

Privates on parade

Quite how this is an autumn/winter 2010 look, we’re not sure but we must say we approve heartily of anyone who puts gennelmens in their smalls on a catwalk no matter the season.

And we love that south London’s finest John Galliano (very nice man, we spent an evening in his company once and we found him to be amusant) has decorated said smalls with Frenchie feathers and dollied up the look with bonnetry, a string vest thing and some crisp white collars (it’s going to be ALL about crisp white collars with a twist next year, we tell you: our favourites were the Burberry ones).

Oh, and if you need to inspect the fancywork on those smalls up close – for purely professional fashion reasons – go over the jump for a zoom in…

Hmm, nice. Turn round.



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One comment to “Boys in pants and bonnets. It’s a look.”

  1. definite knobage in that one. i’d lick it’s stomach in a crisis.

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