The love/hate relationship with Ms. Allen continutes. This week: love.

Giving 110%

We can’t make up our tiny minds about Lily Allen. When we interviewed her she was funny and rude (that bit about her brother’s early morning erections! Honestly!) and then she’ll go and do something like wear a fur hat. You’ve never got a tin of red paint on you when you need it, have you?

With this bit of film of her doing a radio show we are back on love mode. She takes the mickey out of Cheryl Cole on X Factor something wicked (please read that in a Geordie accent, wye aye and all that)¬†and does a great Sydney Sue (though it’s probably supposed to be Dannii Minogue) where she starts banging on about how superior Australia is to the rest of the world. Oh, happy Australia Day by the way.

See Lily running through her accents after dolly jump…

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