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The Fag Hag was flicking through the New Scientist with a French manicured talon earlier when she came across a fascinating little featurette written by Sir Stephen Hawking, headlined, ‘Ginger Spice gets Spliced!!’.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t actually in the New Scientist after all…  It was on a website for Closer magazine. And praps the author was Dean Piper rather than Stevie Hawking (loving your lights Dean). But all the same, what a joyous day! Finally, a Georgina Michaels-style father figure for the slightly unfortunate looking Bluebell Lilet Urethra.

And what is name of said Father Figure? Why he is called Fabrizio Politi. (How’s your brother Green off of Scritti love? We haven’t heard from him since that lovely Aretha Franklin song).

He is a tanned man. He is an excessively well-groomed man who favours a dry-cleaned jean and a hair product. He is a man who favours a blouson jacket and an eyebrow thread by the looks of it. And he is a man who appears to have bonded remarkably well with Gerry Marsden’s best pal Georgina Michaels. So I’d love to wish the pair well, but I doubt they’d hear me over the noise of Mr Gaydar going into overdrive.


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  1. Ginger Spice gets sliced. Now there’s a headline you’d part with recession pennies to read on further about.

    She pops out to the petrol station to buy 20 Mayfair lights and a Cornish pasty for Pansy Tampon’s tea and gets done over by a chav wielding a sharpened copy of the ‘Viva forever’ 7″ picture disc.

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