The smelliest man we’ve ever met advertising… smellies!

Honk honk

We love Tony Ward, the man Madonna used to play with, the one who starred in her ‘Justify Your Love’ video, the one who works for us with a beard or without… But he perhaps wouldn’t be our first choice of models for a new fragrance, bearing in mind he’s a bit of a stinker. Or was when we met him.

Picture it, a sunny Saturday afternoon in glittering London’s Notting Hill and we have been sent with a photographer round to the house of a friend of Tone’s – the American off-of the Girlie Show as it turns out – to chat ‘n’ snap. Chat, lovely. Snap, genius (well, he is one of the world’s foremost male models). We think there was even a kitten involved.

But honey! Sort out the BO situation before you get a job advertising the new Only The Brave fragrance for Diesel (in a bottle that could double as a particularly adventurous sex aid). 

Oh, you have! Well done you!

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