Who wears it best? Thin Ian Thorpe, or fat Ian Thorpe?

Ian Thorpe. No relation to Thorpe Park.

Before you start, we love a fatty. We just won’t have them in the house. But what perturbs us most about this before/after stylee photospread that took us ages and ages and ages to lovingly ask the workie to produce, is Ian’s womanly hips. We once had a geography teacher – male – who was pear-shaped. Ever so unfortunate. Especially considering he was stand-in PE teacher when other PE teacher was off owing to smoking-related diseases. He also had Geography teacher breath. And we’re allowed to say that – we know Geography teachers and everything; we’ve even given them Oral B mouthwash (alcohol-free!) as gifts.

So sure, we get that after training for 36 hours per day since the age of 14, you’ll have a total 180 reflex upon retiring and eat all the pies; only ting-ting is, Ian Thorpe off-of really good swimmer’s gone and eaten all the pie shops. Plus the Chicken Cottage next door. And that nice cheese deli called Fromagerie down the road.

Still, it’s nothing sleeping with a Slendertone belt on full power won’t sort out. 

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One comment to “Who wears it best? Thin Ian Thorpe, or fat Ian Thorpe?”

  1. I do like a fat thorpedo (the one in his speedo).

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