If you buy Gilly Hicks kecks, men will drop trou’. Fact.

Two hands is never enough.


So, ladies (both the female and male kind) who wear Gilly Hicks undersnackers will find themselves having a spooky effect on the mens (of both the lady and the male kind). A simple bra ‘n’ panty combo will have ’em yanking themselves out of their formal wear before you can say, ‘Half a pound of Jelly Babies, pig. And make it e-snappy.’

Another way of looking at this: An advertising company were paid billions and trillions and gazillions and several shillings to come up with a campaign to sell underwear. They came up with male nudity. Of the male kind. We could’ve told ’em that for 50p. And they’d have had some change for a Sherbet Dip Dab. Mmmmmn, Sherbet. Dip Dabs.

*puts on lily-white lady’s knickers; waits*

Wanna see a close-up of a male bottom? Of the male kind? Which will make you buy Gilly Hicks undercracker-Mc-Jacks? DO YOU? Course you do… 

Sepia bum.

Did it work?

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5 comments to “If you buy Gilly Hicks kecks, men will drop trou’. Fact.”

  1. second from left please. don’t bother to wrap it, i’ll eat it as it is.

    usual address, thank you.

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  2. Ooh, I quite like the look of that one too, Antony. We can play swapsies this weekend, if you like.

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  3. i claim first dibs but you’re welcome to watch. i’m quite free and easy.

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  4. Second from the right please. Put him in the same package as the Aussie Diver and cab it over. Drive past Pilar’s house a few times and honk the horn loudly, just so she knows what i’m getting.

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  5. I think I’ll be greedy and just want them all. No need for packing I’m all about sustainability. Delivery on bulk or separately, I accept both. ASAP please :)

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