Crunch, slurp *sucking of teeth* The sound of our words being eaten

You go girl etc.

Oh we laughed. We called her a female impersonator. We reckoned Lady Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was wasting his time. But having watched the grande finale of Your Country Needs You on Saturday wherein the UK’s entrant to the *shouts* Eurovision Song Contest in Russia was selected, we think we might be in with a slight chance.

Not impressed by the dolly farmer’s son with the thumb ring (yeah, of course we would have done him but the performance was a little Michael Ball for our liking) and while The Twins were so common there was a distinct whiff of digestive biscuits in our front room every time they came on, they were quite compelling. In a freakish Diane Arbus kind of way.

Ah, but Jade. She’s got the lot. Pretty like Irene Cara, nice voice no wibbling, great dress sense, intelligent interview, blind parents… it’s the complete package. Even the song, written by Lady LW with Diane Warren (who wrote songs like ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ for Cher) is catchy once you’ve heard it three times. None of which has convined the bookies, who reckon we’re going to come last.

Probably, but hey… Here is that performance taken from Her Majesty’s BBC, after the jump…

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