Morrissey: what a fine figure of a fortysumming!

Put some clothes on, woman!

Look at dirty Morrissey in the altogether with a group of similarly nudie gennels (btw it’s always a very wise move to put someone much chunkier in the general vicinity to compare and contrast).

It is, ladies and germs, the cover of the gent’s brand new single. Singles! Is anyone still buying them? Morrissey! Is anyone still buying him? Obviously, the answer to both questions is a resounding no but that doesn’t stop us perusing the physiques of the guys in M’s band. We find two to be very hot, one to be hottish and the other to not be hot at all.

The single is called ‘Nude’. *Penny drops but still no desire to hear said single emerges*

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2 comments to “Morrissey: what a fine figure of a fortysumming!”

  1. poor old Boz. A corset might have been a good idea perhaps…?

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  2. Ah bless, the fatty that they’ve tried to hide behind people…

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