Who was it who ate all the pies again?


a) Simple carbs after 6pm? Yes.

Two) Silly tattoo? Yes.

trois) Lady eyebrows? (Yes, he’s still at it.) Yes.

In conclusion) Non, Jesse Metcalfe, non.

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3 comments to “No.”

  1. sorry but i so would though..I do like me bit of softness (everywhere but there) to snuggle up with / against / undernearth of a cold wintry night. looks like the builder i um entertained in back corrider of T4 at LHR while his misses was in boots….

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  2. What type of boots were they Mona?

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  3. i don’t mind the ‘moobs’ at all. as long as they ain’t giant man-knockers… it’s all do-able.

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