Play with it, Gisele, play with it…

Can you tell what it is yet?

We get that promotional activity doesn’t have to be holding up the packet and saying, ‘Buy this immediately – or those poor children won’t get anything,’ but we’re somewhat Heather Mills-McCartney-stumped with this one.

It’s Gisele, promoting the (Red) initiative, which supports AIDS programmes in Africa. In Elle magoiz, incidentally. Ooh, incidentals…

But as Tranny Banks might say, we just don’t see death, deprivation and abstract poverty in your eyes, Gisele Bundchen… tut-tut. Tutty-tut-tut.

Instead, we see a woman who is yet to be hit by the Credit Crunch in her East Village loft enjoying some down-time in her hot boyfriend’s boxers-teamed-with-fitted-jackette, painting a bucolic scene with a very expensive, flea-market-bought brush of ethnic origin, in such a good mood that it necessitates one care-free leg in the air, and at a very jaunty angle at that.

We just don’t see, you know, AIDS.

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