We can do that. It’s easy.

Is a swastika in poor taste?

Oh, look at Matthew Mitcham, the Aussie Olympic diving champion who can’t get sponsorship because he is of gay (or maybe it’s because he is of Australian, you know how snooty this companies can be!)

These are pictures from withinside the august pages of The Advocate (though why anyone would name a magazine after an egg nogg…) that we were mentioning the other day. Nice.

But an idea: why don’t AussieBum sponsor him? Would be perfect: he’s Australian, he only ever wears briefs, he hot… Anyway survey the product over the jump.

PS Don’t you hate that vacant porn look they’ve made him do in the first one? No? Oh. Wrong crowd…

His 'fuck me, I'm stupid' look Weeeee!
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2 comments to “We can do that. It’s easy.”

  1. He looks a lot like the deaf model in the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency – both are very very HOT.

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  2. He looks like a condom stuffed with walnuts… which is GOOD!

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