Oh, put it away love. Question mark.

Oh, you've lain in something. It's up your side.

Is it us or is the law of diminishing returns banging David Beckham to rights with these Armani ads (has a moment to visualise ‘banging David Beckham’. And we’re back)? Hmmm.

The first one of him reclining with balls the size of which we’ve not seen since… well, let’s not go into that, was amazing. The second ones of him at what looked like Fire Island (oh, exhibit 3…) leaning over things were jolly good.

But these ones? They’re OK. You know. Seen worse and all that. There’s another one over the jump if you have an appetite for more disappointment…

That's right dear, lay back and think of England
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3 comments to “Oh, put it away love. Question mark.”

  1. Tell me about it me-me-me – I’ve become so desensitized to the Beckham bulge that nothing short of a full-frontal with hard-on and spunk artfully splashed over belly shot would stir my loins these days.
    Twould be nice if he was tied up and being buggered too, but that’s just how I like my footballers.

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  2. Ooh Dolly, I’ve just white weed at my desk. And that’s so unlike me.

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  3. anytime, any place anywhere.

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