Could 50 Cent be any dollier?

Ooh girl!

Look at this lady here. She just loves to show off as much of her panties as she can (saucy!); likes to wear ladies’ tights on her head to keep that riah just so and has such a thing for pretty jewellery that she never quite knows what to wear.

And she’s not just a pretty face. 50 Cent – for that is she – is about to release a whole range of lovely creams and ungents for ladies (male ones) to rub into their dolly little chiff-chases.

According the Her Majesty’s Great Britain’s esteemed newsiepaper The Mirror, a ‘Fiddy’ spokesdolly has said of the range, ‘It will be for the guy who loves to be pampered – but the (health) supplements will make it much more butch.’ You thinks so, do you, girlfriend?

The reason we draw your attention to Lady Miss Fiddy’s latest beauty venture is that,¬†for all his dolliness, he still likes to put the boot into the gays. ‘I ain’t into faggots,’ he said in an interview a couple of years back. ‘I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are… We don’t have that much in common.’

Obviously more than you think, dolly.

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3 comments to “Could 50 Cent be any dollier?”

  1. He’s a cunt and a lady. A lady cunt. Ironically so, you might say.

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  2. He’s the epitome of a twat.

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  3. hate. hate. hate. on a stick.

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