Is this the end of fancy pants as we know them?

Get those off, we'll pop them in the wash

Now heaven knows we like a good dirty time with a man in underwear but this is taking the Ryvita-with-sultanas-in-it-masquerading-as-a-biscuit. It comes direct from Drama magazine (we like drama in a magazine, btw, but never in a boyfriend/flatmate/boss).

We thought we might get cultural shift-y on your asses and ponder – pen in corner of mouth – whether this shoot somehow augurs the beginning of the end of the designer gennels’ panty. He does look nice, after all, doesn’t he, all besmirched like this? Or maybe the stylist was just at a loose end for new ideas.

Want to see who would be wearing such a filthy specimen of undies? Course you would. Over the jump…Here he is (said like Catherine Tate’s old nan character when her grandson comes to see her. Oh, we’re going to see him in Entertaining Mr. Sloane tonight, by the way). And click here to see the whole magazine.

We said get them off before you catch your death
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3 comments to “Is this the end of fancy pants as we know them?”

  1. This reminds me of the Zoolander ‘Derelicte’ range. Hilarious.

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  2. I don’t see VPL. I want VPL.

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  3. Derelicte his own balls for shizza! Is this a Brit popper by chance? Can’t see as eyes have got all squinty.

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